Reduce Burnout at Work

Real-time gathering of behavioural data and delivery of essential insights on burnout risk. Customised organisational wellsbeing strategies and employee access to mental health specialists for personalised support. A sustainable approach to effectively manage and prevent burnout and its consequences.

Flexible working

The Impact of Burnout on Your Organisation

Sickness absence rates are at their highest in a decade. We work with you to proactively prevent and overcome burnout. Supporting you in addressing the needs of your people, enabling them to meet the demands of your business.


Drivers of Burnout at Work

  • 31% Lack of support or recognition from leadership

  • 30% Unrealistic deadline or result expectations

  • 29% Constantly working long hours or on weekends

    (Oxford University, 2024)

Meet the basic needs of your people

Create a Positive Culture

Watch your employee turnover and absenteeism decline

And your innovation, performance and profitability increase

The solution to Burnout at Work

Implement solutions that work and that last.

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